Moving a senior is definitely not as simple as moving a young couple! It may sound like it will be easy, you have the moving date set and they are even pretty excited about moving. But there are quite a few issues that could possibly come up.

  • You expect mom can pack her dishes into boxes but in reality she gets too wrapped up in nostalgia of every little nick-knack and each piece of china.
  • Once the packing is done you think your involvement is almost done, but they are having a hard time adjusting mentally to the thought of leaving their house and they need your time even more.
  • The amount of time and energy you must invest in the move keeps increasing as they go through the transition period of adjusting to a new place and a new community.

Assisted Living in Hollywood Park, TXWhat are some things you can do to try and make the move easier?

  • Most parents fare better when you help them with the physical work of packing and unpacking rather than telling them the dos and don’ts about how to pack, what to take or what to leave.
  • Get them making as many of the decisions as possible including what to take to their new assisted living apartment, within the confines of what will fit.
  • It’s a very personal thing to give away a large portion of the belongings that have been a part of your life for many years.
  • It’s also a very personal thing to decide what few special items will be kept and move to the new place with you.
  • It may be helpful for mom and dad to say goodbye to all their old neighbors and friends by throwing a farewell party from their home before the move is made.
  • A dinner party with a few close family members and friends may be more intimate, and allow for all of them to chat and share special memories of their friendships together.
  • Being able to say goodbye helps them to have fewer regrets once they move.

Establishing a new life in a new place

  • Space is usually tight in a new setting, but let mom and dad hang onto the things they think they can’t live without, even if they are erring on the side of too much stuff. They will soon realize they are too cramped and will be able to let go of some more of the stuff they brought.
  • Don’t rush the decisions of giving stuff away especially for seniors as it is a very difficult transition in their lives.
  • The security of some of their belongings will help them mentally and emotionally during the first few months of getting used to a new community.
  • Instead of trying to buy the perfect new dresser for mom or the perfect new bookshelf for dad, try to use what they already have because of the familiarity of it. It’s better for them to awaken and see their familiar belongings than to think they have uprooted absolutely everything in their lives. The familiar belongings will help them stay grounded as they make the transition.

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