Who says you can’t find romance in your golden years? When the death of a spouse leaves someone alone after many years of being together, the single senior may want to start dating again. Assisted living residents have just as much right to happiness as anyone else does. Many assisted living centers these days have dances, proms, and other activities that encourage socializing and enjoyment in the company of other seniors.

Assisted Living in San Antonio, TXHappiness is contagious. Seniors who have found love and happiness with another resident in an assisted living community can’t help but spread the happiness around. It’s very inspiring to others who are lonely and like the idea of finding a partner. The support that comes from having a partner can help to ward off depression and loneliness.

Severe loneliness can set in after losing a spouse of many years. This often leads to depression and other illnesses as the senior no longer eats well, doesn’t get out, doesn’t socialize and basically feels lost, not knowing what to do. They often have feelings of wanting to give up. This is a very unhealthy state of mind to be in, both physically and emotionally.

Some seniors don’t want to start a new relationship, thinking they are too old for it, or it might tarnish the memory of their deceased spouse. Possibly, they just don’t want the responsibility of forming and maintaining a new romance. Assisted living communities offer lots of opportunities for friendships and socializing on a casual scale, which fill the needs of seniors looking for friendship.

For those looking for more romantic connections, encouraging the residents to talk openly about their feelings will often get everyone involved in vocalizing thoughts and feelings. The sharing of memories and stories from bygone days is one of the first steps in recovering from grief. It helps residents form new relationships with each other, where there are possibilities of friendships blossoming into romance.

It’s healthy for senior residents to date, and they can be encouraged to do so, if they desire. Sometimes family members think it’s odd that their parents are dating other residents and might become opposed, but the decision really isn’t theirs; it’s their parents’. In time they will come to realize that romantic happiness is an integral part of emotional well-being even for seniors who have reached the elderly years, if that’s what the senior desires.

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