Mary was going to be moving into an assisted living center within a few months. Her children had all talked her into the idea and even though she wasn’t too keen on it, she knew that she couldn’t remain living this way; she needed someone to be there to help her if she needed help. They had gone through all of the options and found that an assisted living facility offered the best of everything for her.

When moving day finally arrived, Mary found that she was nervous, but also a bit excited. Within a few hours, when she first arrived at the facility, all of the excitement Assisted Living in San Antonio, TXbegan to turn to frustration and even hurt and sadness. She didn’t know what the policies of the facility were before she began to bring her things over (with the help of her family, of course), so she didn’t know that they didn’t allow pets of any kind. She had a small cat that was her best friend, and a goldfish.

She stood in the lobby of the assisted living facility trying to figure out what she could do, whether she could find another place, and what she might do in the meantime. Her son had worked for months to get her into this place because it was rated as one of the best, but he had neglected to find out their policies.

Her daughter was trying to tell her that she would take the cat and goldfish in and she could visit anytime that she wanted, but something told Mary that wouldn’t be realistic; her children rarely took the time to stop by and see her as it was, so she didn’t think that they would be willing to come and pick her up to bring her to see her cat. She also couldn’t think about being separated from her best friend. She had lost so much through the years; she didn’t want to lose the cat that sat on her lap every evening and purred the hours away.

When you’re choosing an assisted living facility with a loved one, it’s important that you understand all of the policies and procedures that they have in place so that you can make the best, most informed decision possible.

Mary ended up moving into a different assisted living center where she could keep her cat. The story could have turned out differently, so make sure that you know about all of the policies in place before committing to moving anywhere.

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