Assisted Living in San Antonio TX: How Can You Get Assurance Assisted Living Was the ‘Right Place’ for Mom?

Assisted Living in San Antonio TX: How Can You Get Assurance Assisted Living Was the ‘Right Place’ for Mom?

When you talked about assisted living with your elderly mother, you knew, without a doubt, it was the right decision. What made you believe that? Could it have been friends trying to tell you this was the right option? Maybe you had coworkers who were seeing the challenges you are facing just trying to look after her.

You’ve been doubting yourself since she agreed.

Ever since your mother agreed to look into assisted living and ultimately moved into this new facility in the area, you’ve been wondering whether this was really the right decision. You started doubting yourself. Maybe you even began to believe she only went along with this because she trusted to you.

Does she seem happy and well-adjusted?

Some people will have a difficult time adjusting to a change like this, especially if they were living in the same place for many, many years. Some people choose assisted living out of reluctance, feeling they had no other choice. Some even feel pressure by their adult children, spouse, or others into making this type of decision.

For those who may not have been completely enthusiastic about the idea, they may reach a point when they are resistant, even right after they move in. If that seems to describe your mother right now, it may have more to do with shyness, insecurity, or even not really feeling comfortable quite yet.

So, how can you be assured this was the right decision?

Ask yourself a few simple questions. Was your mother safe at home living on her own? If not, it was only a matter of time before she slipped and fell or was injured in some other way. Was your mother spending time with friends? If not, maybe it was because she couldn’t get out to visit. Now she has the opportunity to not just make new friends and take part in a wide range of activities, but also to possibly reconnect with friends she hadn’t seen in years.

Was she spending most of her time alone? Human beings are social creatures; it’s not healthy to spend too much time alone. If your mother spent most of her days alone, that was not healthy, emotionally or physically.

Being surrounded by other seniors, people who are going through the same challenges and who have many common interests, your mother will eventually feel more comfortable, meet new people, and you will see this truly was the right place for her. Sometimes it just takes a little more time to come to those realizations.

For more information about assisted living in San Antonio, TX, contact Pipestone Place Assisted Living or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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