Of course we all want to remain in our homes for as long as possible. Probably most elderly people feel this way. There comes a point in time in the life of most elders, however, when staying at home is no longer a safe thing to do.

Bringing up the subject of assisted living may not be easy. Maybe your dear parent has already stated their desires of staying at home and is against assisted living. Despite the positive outcome of living in a center, mom or dad is still not convinced it would be the right move for them.

The whole concept of assisted living has evolved. What used to be thought of as an old folks home is now more similar to a retirement community. The whole mindset behind assisted living has changed as it has evolved. Some people joke that you go to old folks homes to die, as if you have one foot on a banana peel and you have your other foot in Assisted Living in Shavano Park, TXthe grave. This outdated perception is stubborn and incorrect.

People today go to assisted living to live, to enjoy life to the fullest because they have the daily assistance they need. Modern assisted living centers have to be experienced to be understood. There is friendship and companionship there. That can mean a lot to someone who has been left on her own after her spouse dies.

Benefits of assisted living

Describe to your loved one the benefits of assisted living and all the things she will enjoy while there. There are many opportunities to socialize, and meals are no longer a chore because she will not have to do all the cooking and cleaning up. The responsibilities of keeping up the home are gone, and she can thrive in an environment where she can choose which activities she wants to participate in.

There are lots of choices at assisted living. Nutritious meals and snacks offer some daily choices; activities and recreation also are offered in a variety of choices. The community and spirit at assisted living is truly there to make life more fun for the active senior who still needs a little help with daily tasks.

Take a tour

Take your elderly loved one on a tour of several assisted living centers. She may find something of interest at one of them that catches her attention. She may be feeling that if she goes to a center that everyone might forget about her. Reassure her that you will still be very much a part of her life.

For more information about Pipestone Place Assisted Living in Shavano Park, TX or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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