Do you have an elderly loved one who needs minimal or varied levels of assistance with some of the everyday functions? It can be a difficult decision to know our loved one needs help on a daily basis and we are unable to provide the proper level of care for them. It then becomes a decision of where can they best receive the assistance they need and still remain independent.

Sometimes you may need to know what the difference is between assisted living and a retirement community.

Assisted Living in Terrell Hills, TXA retirement community is a housing complex for the elderly who no longer work and who are generally able to care for themselves. A retirement community is age-restricted and residents must be partially or fully retired. A retirement community offers shared services and amenities, and in southern states, golf is one of the most common facilities that are on or near a retirement community. A retirement community may require a membership fee and should not be confused with a personal care home or even an assisted living facility.

There are many different types of retirement communities to choose from to provide your loved one with the environment and services that would be most beneficial to them. Retirement communities are more common in states with warm climates such as Florida, California, and Arizona. However, they are becoming increasingly available in major cities throughout the U.S.

This could be a great choice for an elderly individual or couple who like to remain active, get involved in activities, and like to have social interaction.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living facilities are designed to enable the elderly to be mostly independent but receive some assistance with some day to day functions. Assisted living facilities can be temporary or a long-term housing arrangement. Assistance can include help with bathing/dressing, cooking meals, transportation, and medication.

Assisted living could be a good choice for someone who needs the best of both worlds. Residents can have the independence they want or have a hard time letting go of but also get assistance with the tasks or functions they find more challenging to continue performing on their own.

How Do You Make the Decision of Assisted Living or a Retirement Community?

The first thing you should consider in making the decision of which type of facility would be best for you loved one is how much assistance does he or she need and what are his or her physical limitations. Above everything else, it is important to establish how independent your loved one is capable of being or what level of assistance is needed to ensure their safety and well-being.

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