Assisted Living in Terrell Hills TX: Four Ways Assisted Living Is a Benefit for Seniors

Assisted Living in Terrell Hills TX: Four Ways Assisted Living Is a Benefit for Seniors

John was trying to help his aging mother figure out the best option for her moving forward. John discussed a variety of senior care options, but the one that he kept coming back to time and time again was assisted living. The problem was his mother really didn’t want to hear about that because she didn’t want to move from her big house. She had been living in the house for more than three decades, and the thought of packing everything up, giving most things away or selling them off, and then moving into a completely new environment was frightening to her.

John had to figure out what the key benefits to assisted living were. He met with an administrator of one facility, toured another one, and began to think about his mother’s specific, individual experience.

What John came to realize was that there are several ways that assisted living can benefit seniors. Below are four that he highlighted to his mother.

Benefit #1: It offers safety.

One of the most important benefits for seniors as they get older is being safe. For somebody at assisted living, when it has experienced staff members, great safety features, including grab bars in the tub or shower surround, and much more, it helps them stay safer while enjoying life as they get older.

Benefit #2: Peers.

Having others the same age, going through the same challenges, and having the same experiences through life can be tremendously beneficial. Not only could John’s mother meet new friends, she might even connect with friends she hasn’t talked to in years because they moved away or she simply lost contact with them.

When people are surrounded by others their own age who grew up in the same time period, it actually makes it much easier to deal with the challenges life throws one’s way.

Benefit #3: Activity.

Every assisted living facility is different, but most of them provide various activities for their residents throughout the day. By staying active and pursuing new things, it can help inspire a sense of greater comfort each and every day.

Benefit #4: Staff support.

Staff can assist seniors with getting out of bed, reminders about activities going on, and even in moving about the facility. With great staff support, John’s mother wouldn’t have to worry about climbing stairs, getting something down from a cabinet, or doing any other tasks throughout the day.

When he began explaining these benefits, she began to look around her large house and realize there was something better for her.

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