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Care Homes in Terrell Hills TXHaving certain conversations with various individuals can pose a number of challenges. When talking about personally sensitive information, for example, some would rather keep things to themselves than be open and honest, even with their closest family members. One topic that can be difficult for seniors to discuss openly and honestly with their adult children, siblings, or even their spouse is assisted living.

For those who are trying to find an opening to begin the discussion about assisted living, here are five steps that can help bring the topic up in a nonthreatening and even positive manner. Keep in mind many seniors have preconceived notions, or misconceptions, about what assisted living can offer.

The first step is to ask if he’s comfortable or worried about safety.

Your father may have concerns about his own safety and just doesn’t know how to bring it up with you or anyone else. That first step can be important. When he’s the one broaching the topic, even if you’re the one asking questions, he’ll likely be more open to further discussion.

The second step is to discuss meal preparation.

Meal preparation can be challenging for seniors from all walks of life, whether they’ve been preparing meals for loved ones all through their adult life or this is something relatively new for them since their spouse, partner, or closest family member or friend recently passed away.

If your father is having difficulty with meal preparation, this can be an opening through which you can start discussing assisted living options.

The third step is to inquire about friends.

As people get older their friends will either move away or pass away. This can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness, especially for those seniors who are no longer able to drive or for whom getting around is more difficult.
When discussing assisted living as an option, you can point out to your father that some of his friends may very well be in a facility near him or he’ll most likely be able to make new friends who share common interests.

The fourth step is to find out what he’d like to do regularly.

There may be certain activities he would enjoy, if he only had someone to assist him. This is a great opening to begin discussing what he could be doing at an assisted living community.

The fifth step is to learn more about assisted living.

This is arguably one of the most important steps, but it’s listed as the fifth one because it’s most likely going to be the one rule you remember most from this particular article. When you learn about assisted living, it will become much easier to answer common questions or even dispel certain myths and misconceptions your father has about it.

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