Assisted Living in Shavano Park, TXFor the Miller family, trying to decide where their 86-year-old mother should move to was a point of contention among several of the siblings. There were five brothers and sisters that were all concerned about their mother’s health and well-being. It took a long time but they had finally managed to convince their mother to move to assisted living.

Each one of them lived in different regions around the country. Most lived within 500 miles, but one lived over 1,000 miles away in Florida. This sibling, Craig, wanted his mother to move down to Florida because of the weather. He didn’t think that she needed to deal with the harsh winters up north. The rest of the siblings thought that that was unrealistic because they wanted to be able to spend time with her whenever they could.

One thing that was getting lost in the arguments and conversations about the potential location of this assisted living facility was what their mother wanted.

So how important is location when it comes to assisted living?

That depends on the elderly individual and what he or she prefers. A common point of contention when discussing assisted living with family members is often that the elderly individual wants to stay close to their friends, even if that means their own family would not be able to visit them as often as they would like.

For many family members, life can be hectic. We can often take for granted the times that we have to spend with our aging parents or other loved ones. Once it reaches a point when you know they require some sort of assistance in their life, then you begin to realize that it’s time to visit more often.

It is important not to forget that the elderly individual should have the right to decide where he or she lives. If he or she acknowledges that assisted living would be the best option, and they want to remain close to where they have been living for a long time, close to friends and their community, then that decision should be respected by all family members.

If the elderly individual wants to move closer to family, but the family is spread out over several states, then this can be a more challenging situation. Ultimately, it should be up to the elderly individual to decide where he or she lives. Their family should be supportive of the decision, whether they agree with it or not. Location will matter to the point that the elderly assisted living resident is comfortable and happy.

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