bigstock 184204102 2The reasons people choose assisted living are as wide and varied as the people who choose this for their future. Many realize they no longer wish to deal with the responsibilities of keeping their home clean, maintaining it, shopping and cooking for themselves, and so on.

Some people ultimately realize they would rather be surrounded by peers their age, reconnect with friends they haven’t seen in a while, and have a sense of community rather than being alone.

How do seniors find that ‘sense of community?’

There are plenty of ways for aging men and women to develop a new sense of community when they choose assisted living. For a lot of people, moving is one of the major stressors in life.

It’s not easy, even for those who are excited about the prospect of this new living environment. Some seniors discover a sense of community simply by being surrounded by others their own age.

People who are facing similar challenges, struggles, hopes, and aspirations can be quite the encouragement to men and women as they move through their 70s, 80s, or even into their 90s.

Rebuilding or forming friendships.

Some seniors discover friends they didn’t realize were at a particular assisted living facility and had lost touch with many years ago. They get to reconnect with these men and women, kickstart those friendships once again, and are even able to make new friends.

Just because a person may be in their 70s or 80s doesn’t mean friendship isn’t important. Human beings are social creatures and, as a result, that need for community doesn’t simply end when their children grow up and go off to college or build their own lives or they reach retirement.

Discovering new passions.

Not every assisted living facility is the same, so it’s important not to conflate one with the other, but many of them provide activities for residents to participate in. These might include arts and crafts, music, entertainment, trips to local parks, art galleries, museums, and local shopping districts.

No matter what it is, seniors often discover new interests, new passions, and build a sense of community around those. After all, people who have similar interests find it easier to connect and develop stronger relationships with over time.

As you can see, finding a sense of community at assisted living is certainly possible. In fact, at a quality assisted living residence, community is at the heart of what they do and believe.

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