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Being solely responsible for looking after a family member with dynamic and ever-changing memory care needs can be challenging. During the course of Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, it’s not uncommon for family caregivers to worry they can no longer provide the special care their loved one needs.

Though this can be difficult to accept, you’re not alone.

The decision to move your loved one into a memory care facility in San Antonio might be a tough one, but it’s likely to be overwhelmingly positive in the long run. Memory care facilities can offer the tailored, expert care your loved one needs, while granting you the peace of mind that they’re as safe, happy, and healthy as possible.

Let’s look at just how memory care can give you the peace of mind you need. By choosing a memory care facility you can rest easy and safe in the knowledge that your loved one…

1. …is receiving the round-the-clock care they need.

As Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia progresses, your parent or loved one’s needs will likely become more complex. Although you might have been able to care for them in the very early stages, requiring more professional support and round-the-clock care is a natural progression. As a family caregiver, you likely have a range of additional commitments like children of your own, other relationships or job responsibilities you are trying to balance along with caring for your loved one. Expecting yourself to manage these responsibilities and relationships while also meeting the increasing demands of your loved one’s care is likely unrealistic, and seeking professional residential care is absolutely not a failure. With your loved one living in a memory care facility, you can relax knowing they’re under the 24/7 care of experts trained in meeting their changing needs.

2. …is enjoying a social activities schedule designed to enhance cognitive health.

A great advantage of the best memory care facilities in San Antonio is the provision of activities that can improve the quality of life of seniors with dementia, potentially slowing cognitive decline in the process. Many facilities offer a range of creative activities like music or art classes, alongside puzzles and games to promote cognitive activity. Importantly, these activities also grant residents opportunities to socialize with fellow residents and neighbors. When living in their own home, socialization can be difficult for seniors with dementia who might be unable to get out and about independently. This can be a great worry for family caregivers, too – especially if their loved one has recently lost a spouse or close friends. With the support of a memory care facility and professional caregivers trained in dementia care, you can feel reassured that your loved one is living a full life free from loneliness and boredom.

3. …lives as independently as possible within a safe and secure environment.

Loss of independence can be difficult for aging seniors, but life in a memory care facility can enhance autonomy within a safe, controlled environment. For example, many memory care facilities have on-site amenities like beauty and hair salons, a spa or a general store. This can allow your loved one to take care of errands and live independently, without having to deal with hazards present in the outside world. Memory care facilities are designed for the safety and security of seniors with memory care needs. For example, they often feature color coded or themed areas to help seniors with dementia navigate more easily, and spaces are adapted for the safety of residents with reduced mobility. Additionally, memory care facilities typically also feature secured entrances, so you can sleep peacefully knowing your loved one cannot accidentally wander into hazardous situations.

4. …has a personalized, regularly reviewed care plan to suit ever-changing needs.

Memory care facilities know that Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia are dynamic conditions. What works for your relative one day or week, might not the next. Moving your loved one to a memory care facility can grant you the peace of mind that their needs are being met at all times, with a care plan that is both carefully tailored and completely flexible. You will likely be invited to get involved in the process of crafting their individualized care plan, too – after all, as their family caregiver, you know them best! It’s important to remember that this support will be delivered by caregivers with vast experience in providing patient, compassionate care for residents living with memory loss. Memory care facilities also typically feature impressively high staff to resident ratios; this allows caregivers to spend adequate time with residents providing the patient, attentive care they need and deserve.

5. …has access to the medical professionals they need.

Seniors with memory care needs often require more time with healthcare professionals than other aging seniors. Memory care facilities commonly have close connections with physicians, therapists, psychiatry teams and dementia specialists, who can ensure your loved one’s brain changes are always monitored. Memory care communities sometimes also have access to a range of experts like rehabilitation specialists, podiatry teams or dental clinics. For many seniors – but especially those with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia – getting out and about to appointments can be particularly challenging. With their memory care facility, your loved one will likely benefit from free transportation to any medical appointments.

6. …is nourished by a diet that suits their needs.

Ensuring a senior with dementia is well nourished can be challenging for family caregivers. Many seniors forget to eat or are easily distracted at mealtimes, for example. If you’ve found yourself struggling to keep your loved one well fed, a memory care community like Pipestone Place can help. Expert caregivers will be on hand to provide your loved one with just the right amount of support, helping them eat nutritionally balanced meals while retaining their independence as much as possible. Their meal plan will be tailored to suit their dietary needs and personal preferences, ensuring they get the most out of each mealtime.

If you’re interested in specialized memory care for your parent or loved one, get in touch today to arrange a tour of our San Antonio residential care community. We look forward to welcoming you and your relative into our family!

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