bigstock Group Of Elderly Ladies In A S 115091489Health and well-being are directly related and intertwined. You can’t really separate one from the other. If you are not healthy, your well-being is not the best it can be. If you are emotionally drained, depressed, frustrated, or even frightened, it will impact your physical health. At assisted living, seniors are often facing numerous challenges, doubts, and fears.

These are normal in life as people of all ages experience these emotions repeatedly as they move from one decade to the next. At the core of healthy living, though, is the notion that staying physically active and fit is critical.

Is physical wellness really that important for somebody in their 80s?

Many people over 55 could be enjoying the benefits of assisted living. It’s not just for seniors in their 80s or 90s. That being said, physical wellness is important for anyone, regardless of age, including those who are moving right through their 80s and possibly into their 90s.

Physical wellness and exercise can take many forms. It can include a simple walk down the hall and back for somebody who is recovering from a serious medical emergency or has too many limitations to make a longer walk feasible.

For others, exercising on Nautilus style equipment in the fitness center could be the best way they know how to get regular physical conditioning.

When you’re looking into assisted living or know an aging parent or other loved one who is currently at one of these facilities, find out if there is some type of fitness center or gym on site for residents. If there is, encourage that senior to explore the equipment, activities, and possibly even classes that could help them get more physically fit in the coming weeks and months.

April is Physical Wellness Month and it’s a great time of the year to think about this important subject. As the weather begins to warm up, people will be shedding their winter skin and striving to enjoy life more, regardless of their age or health factors.

So long as it can be done in a safe environment, exercise is vital for people all ages. Seniors who have chosen assisted living for their future have done so because they may have limited physical capabilities or no longer wish to be concerned about the general cleanliness, maintenance, and upkeep of their home.

That doesn’t mean you have to stop living. Physical wellness involves more than just exercise, too. It’s about staying active and when it comes to being active for aging seniors, there’s simply no better place to live than a quality assisted living community.

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