Assisted Living in Terrell Hills TX: Just Because Mom’s Getting Great Support at Assisted Living Doesn’t Mean She Doesn’t ‘Need’ You

Assisted Living in Terrell Hills TX: Just Because Mom’s Getting Great Support at Assisted Living Doesn’t Mean She Doesn’t ‘Need’ You

To be honest, you had no clue what to expect when you mentioned assisted living to your mother. You worried she would get upset, angry, and belligerent. You cringed when you brought up the topic because you felt as though she was about to say something like, “What? You don’t care about me anymore? You just want to throw me in a home and forget about me?”

Reaction surprised you.

She actually seemed to be not just open to listening, but enthusiastic about the idea. What you didn’t realize was she had numerous friends who were already at a particular assisted living facility in the area. She had been visiting with them from time to time over the years and knew all about the layout, the grounds, the activities, entertainment, and so much more.

She had even spent time dining with them in the facility. The food was great, it was prepared by a high quality, highly rated chef, and she couldn’t seem to be more enthusiastic. It felt good.

You, taking care of her, had become a bit worn out. You knew it was time for a change, and this had weighed on you for some time. When she moved in, you expected to hear from her at least once a day. Before that, she had been calling you two, three, and sometimes even four and five times a day. It was starting to wear you out, so you are a bit relieved to know there were going to be highly experienced and well-trained staff members on hand to assist her with some of those basic tasks.

Right now, though, your phone just doesn’t ring.

This has been a surprise to you. For so long, possibly months or even years, your life has revolved around her. The phone calls, the visits, the conversations, helping her do the laundry, going shopping for her, and so many of the things filled your schedule. Now, you don’t know how to take it.

Why doesn’t she call anymore?

Perhaps she has realized (and maybe realized for a long time) that she was leaning on you to the point of you giving up so many things in your life. Maybe she is giving you the space you need to take care of yourself properly.

It’s also likely she’s getting adequate support and care at this new assisted living facility that she doesn’t have to lean on you for every little thing. She still wants to see you and talk to you, spend time with you, but right now she’s getting the physical care and support she needs because you understood how beneficial this would be.

For more information about assisted living in Terrell Hills, TX, contact Pipestone Place Assisted Living or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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