Senior Housing in Hollywood Park TX: Mom’s Never in Her Room! The Great Joys of Assisted Living

Senior Housing in Hollywood Park TX: Mom’s Never in Her Room! The Great Joys of Assisted Living

In the beginning, you didn’t quite know whether your mother was going to enjoy assisted living. You knew she was having difficulty at home. You knew she felt overwhelmed with the cleaning, general upkeep and maintenance, and even the loneliness at times. You had suggested assisted living because it seemed like a good option, even though you knew very little about it.

Since she has moved in you’ve tried to call her and have even stop by from time to time on your way home from work, but she’s never in her room. You leave a message and days go by before she calls you back, or you manage to reach her on the phone in the evening.

You might be frustrated.

It can certainly be frustrating when you’re concerned about somebody and they don’t seem to be responding. That frustration may have more to do with your concerns about her safety than about her activity.

Remember, she’s now being active.

When she was at home, alone, you could probably call her almost any time of the day or night and she would answer the phone. It may have sounded as though she was sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring. She might very well have been.

Now, though, she’s probably meeting new people, making friends, taking part in a variety of activities. She may even be enjoying some great entertainment. She might have felt so cooped up for so long in her own house that she feels like it’s a breath of fresh air. She can simply step outside her room, greet people and make new friends, and be involved in life once again.

This is a great sign.

When you’re concerned about quality of life for an elderly family member, it’s a great sign when they’re not sitting in their room in the morning, afternoon, or at any other time during the day. Yes, your mother needs time to rest, but if it seems as though you’re having an extremely difficult time getting in touch with her, try not to get frustrated.

Instead, celebrate. Maybe you didn’t know a great deal about assisted living when you brought up the topic, but the more you learn about it the more you begin to realize just how beneficial it is for people as they get older. It truly does improve quality of life and allows seniors to be surrounded by friends.

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