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Assisted-Living-Facilities-in-Hollywood-Park-TXSince Sylvia’s dad passed away two years ago, she noticed her mom was having a difficult time keeping up with household chores inside the house let alone being able to take care of the yard and other maintenance. Sylvia encouraged her mom to consider assisted living but now she is questioning if it was the right thing to do.

After watching her mom struggle for the last year, she started looking into the option of assisted living. Sylvia tried to be there and help out as much as she could but knew deep down it wasn’t the quality care that her mom needed or deserved. Sylvia’s life was just too busy to be a full-time or even part-time caregiver.

It took some convincing but Sylvia’s mom finally decided to go with her on a tour of the facility and meet the staff as well as some of the other residents. It seemed decent enough but she wasn’t sure she wanted to leave the home she had known for many years and had so many wonderful memories.

At the time you broached the subject of assisted living, your main concern was her safety. Now you wonder if you made the right choice pushing her to go to an assisted living facility. Now you are concerned she won’t be happy.

Assisted living allows your loved one to be independent in the ways they can be but receive some assistance with certain daily tasks they have trouble with. Your elderly loved one certainly doesn’t have to worry about yard work or maintenance issues.

Services at an assisted living facility can include helping the senior with bathing, getting dressed, meals, medication management, transportation, and more. Most facilities have planned activities that your loved one could partake of and make new friends.

Assisted living offers a wide variety of living arrangements from one room to a full apartment. Sylvia’s mom had her own apartment and was able to find a place to put most of her personal belongings. More and more she was finding it easier to call it home.

One afternoon, Sylvia stopped by to have lunch with her mom. The guilt she was feeling about convincing her mom to leave her home of 36 years and move to an assisted living facility was eating her up inside. She decided to ask her mom straight out, “Mom are you happy?”

The answer she gave brought great relief to Sylvia. Aside from missing her husband, she was feeling like a huge weight was lifted off of her shoulders. She likes not having to worry about taking care of a house and yard. Plus she can get help with some of her basic needs.

In this case and maybe yours too, moving mom to assisted living was definitely the right choice.

For more information about Pipestone Place Assisted Living in San Antonio, TX or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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