One Important Question Seniors Want Answered About Assisted Living

One Important Question Seniors Want Answered About Assisted Living

“Will I Be Trapped When I Move to Assisted Living?”

There are plenty of misconceptions people have about assisted living. If an elderly person leans on these misunderstandings or preconceived notions, they may never realize the benefits that assisted living can offer.

One of those misconceptions involves where they can go.

Some seniors might incorrectly assume that moving into an assisted living facility will mean they give up their independence, autonomy, and ability to go wherever they want to go. They might even believe they have to give up their car and license to drive, if they still have these abilities.

In truth, every assisted living community is different, but in most of them seniors still have the right to independence, autonomy, and the ability to go out with friends, drive if they still can do so safely, and visit a wide range of places.

Some communities will even provide transportation for elderly residents to go to doctors’ appointments, to the mall, other shopping stores, art galleries, museums, and other points of interest.

So, to answer this simple question, no, you will not be trapped when you choose assisted living for your future. What, then, are the benefits?

The benefits to assisted living are numerous.

First and foremost, elderly residents will no longer have to worry about their safety, vitality, or living alone. They will be surrounded by peers their own age who have many similar interests. Depending on the facility chosen, there may be any number of activities and other events taking place on a regular basis that will actively engage the residents of that facility.

Seniors can enjoy visits from family and friends. They can walk the grounds, spend time in the room, check out the entertainment facility, dining facility, and other wonderful rooms specifically designed to encourage activity, interaction, and a higher quality of life.

The idea that a person becomes trapped because they move into an assisted living community is not based on anything resembling fact. The men and women who ultimately choose this as a long-term care facility benefit from highly trained and experienced staff members who are responsive to their needs, respectful of their privacy, and do whatever they can to provide a more comfortable environment.

Assisted living may not be for every senior, but for those who look beyond their initial misconceptions, they realize just how beneficial it can be. It’s one of the best options for seniors as they get older and have difficulty taking care of everything on their own.

For more information about assisted living in San Antonio, TX, contact Pipestone Place Assisted Living or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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