What is the ONE Question Keeping You from Discussing Assisted Living with an Aging Parent?

What is the ONE Question Keeping You from Discussing Assisted Living with an Aging Parent?

Considering a significant change in life, like moving into assisted living, can be challenging. When it’s for an aging parent and you know they may be better off somewhere else besides that house, which is becoming a bit too much for them to take care of, you will likely have a number of questions.

So will that senior.

A person who doesn’t have any questions has either already done a significant amount of research on the topic or they are just going along to get along or have no interest in learning more about it. For those who want information, who want to be able to make the right decision for themselves or to help an aging family member make the right decision, questions can be important.

There are several questions a person may wish to ask when contemplating whether or not assisted living would be right for them. For those who may be looking into this already, which question stands out the most?

How much is this going to cost?

This is one of the most concerning questions people have. After all, assisted living is not going to cost anything close to what an apartment or other similar facility may charge. That’s because there’s a lot of support from staff, activities, and other amenities that provide aging seniors the opportunity to still live independently without the common issues associated with living alone.

Will the senior still be considered ‘independent?’

Yes. A lot of people incorrectly assume that just because somebody needs assistance with basic tasks or has certain health issues making it difficult for them to stay home alone that they basically give up their independence and autonomy. By choosing a quality assisted living community, seniors should still maintain their own independence, their right to choose what activities and other things they do every day, and whether or not they have visitors, what they eat, and so much more.

What if it seems there is a lack of options?

Depending on where an elderly person lives, there may not be many options when it comes to assisted living. A lack of options, though, doesn’t mean whatever facility is in the area is not a good choice. Assisted living, as an industry, has focused on separating itself from nursing homes, which, unfortunately, many people associate with the former.

The two are completely different as assisted living simply offers a better quality of life, more support, and a much more comfortable atmosphere for its residents.

Isn’t it just for ‘old people?’

It is certainly for people of a certain age, such as 65 and over (though some facilities may include 55 and over), but that doesn’t mean they are ‘old people.’ The term is usually referring to those who can no longer take care of themselves, have very little interest in exercise or other similar activities, and so on.

Men and women who choose assisted living often discover just how wonderful it is to be surrounded by peers their own age, have activities to do every day, to exercise when they wish, and to still remain active. Many of those residents at these communities are often busier than their own children and others much younger.

For more information about senior housing in San Antonio, TX, contact Pipestone Place Assisted Living or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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