bigstock Two Different Generations 102753287 3 1No matter your age, if you are slowing down physically, have challenges, or other health issues, you may worry about your safety at home. If you’re in your 70s, 80s, or 90s and have been fiercely independent most of your life, even these past five or 10 years, your family may have learned to step back and away from potentially sensitive topics, like assisted living.

Maybe they talked about it in passing once upon a time but you completely shut it down. At that time you may have had various misconceptions about assisted living, thinking you would lose your independence and ability to make decisions for yourself if you moved into one of these facilities.

Now, though, you know better.

You understand that life is becoming overwhelmingly challenging. You struggle to get out of bed safely. Going up and down the stairs could be a task you can no longer do without support. You may feel lonely with friends who have passed already or who can no longer get out to visit with you and, at your age, you may be unable to get to them.

Here are a few clues that might help you understand this could be the time for you to talk about assisted living with adult children, a spouse, or other people in your family or circle of friends who care about you.

You’re worried about your safety.

A quality assisted living facility will focus on the safety of its residents. If you are currently concerned about your safety, that’s a serious issue and should not be ignored. The moment you feel as though you could slip and fall at any time is the moment you should surround yourself with a safer environment and people who could help, even at the last moment. That’s what a quality assisted living community offers.

You feel lonely.

A great benefit of a quality assisted living community is companionship. There will be numerous seniors your own age facing many of the same challenges in life as you. You may even discover some friends you lost touch with years and years ago are there along with numerous others who share common interests, including entertainment and activity.

You simply don’t have the support you need close at hand.

Your children, grandchildren, and others may live hundreds or even thousands of miles away from you. If you find yourself struggling and there’s no one upon whom you can call for help at any given time, that can be unsettling.

Moving into assisted living can give you options, help you live more comfortably, and, when you choose the right place, improve your quality of life.

For more information about senior housing in Terrell Hills, TX, contact Pipestone Place Assisted Living or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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