Senior Living in Hill Country Village TX

Senior Living in Hill Country Village TX

Excuses are easy to make. People make excuses for just about anything and everything in life at one time or another. People make up excuses why they were late for work. Some people make excuses why they didn’t turn in an assignment. Others make excuses for why a hundred dollars was taken out of a shared joint account with their spouse. Some seniors will make excuses why they don’t consider assisted living as a viable option for their future.

Understanding some of the most common excuses can help family and friends find a good path to at least opening up the conversation about this type of senior living environment that will get the elderly individual to at least consider it more seriously.

Excuse #1: It costs too much.

Cost is often the number one reason why seniors don’t want to consider assisted living. They assume it’s simply too much money. However, if somebody has extreme difficulty, is not safe in their own home, has limited mobility, or is simply worn out trying to keep up with the general maintenance, cleanliness, and care of their home and property, the cost of assisted living can be far less than they realize.

Excuse #2: It’s just like nursing home care.

People who compare assisted living to nursing home care don’t know anything about either. They may have heard about how awful nursing home care can be, and just assume that assisted living is the same.

The two are completely different. Assisted living provides men and women a safe environment with whatever support they may need, within reason. It is more like an upscale apartment community that may offer a wide range of activities, great entertainment, dining, and even transportation.

Excuse #3: I’m just fine where I am.

Even though the senior is fully aware of his or her limitations, and even though they might be dealing with a serious health issue at the moment, limited mobility, and other issues, they don’t want to admit them openly.

If a person is unsafe, does not get to visit with their friends, and spends most of their time alone at home, that is not a healthy situation. People are social creatures; we were designed to be surrounded by others. Assisted living offers elderly men and women the opportunity to fellowship, meet new people, make new friends, and pursue areas of interest that may still be important to them in life.

The more that seniors learn the truth about assisted living, the fewer excuses they want to make.

For more information about senior living in Hill Country Village, TX, contact Pipestone Place Assisted Living or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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