Senior Living in Hill Country Village TX: Helping Your Reluctant Senior Understand the Benefits of Assisted Living

Senior Living in Hill Country Village TX: Helping Your Reluctant Senior Understand the Benefits of Assisted Living

Any kind of major change in life can be extremely difficult. It’s not easy for an elderly person living alone to even contemplate the prospect of a move, especially if they have been living in that same house or apartment for many, many years. However, assisted living is a great option for some people to consider and though it may not be ‘easy’ it is still beneficial.

How can you help somebody make that decision?

Perhaps it’s your mother. Maybe it’s your father. It could even be somebody else you know, a friend or a friend of a friend. Whoever it is, you noticed this person struggling with their own basic care and know they might very well benefit from a move to assisted living.

Bringing up this topic can be sensitive.

Not everyone wants to face their own challenges, their own limitations, or the struggles they have in life. Some seniors have this idea that if they choose assisted living, it’s a sign of the end of their life fast approaching. Others see it as a complete loss of independence and autonomy, as though it’s no different than heading off to some prison.

We need to be sensitive of these preconceived notions and misconceptions.

When a person is sensitive to the prospect that an aging senior is going to be tempted, to say the least, about the idea of moving, then he or she can approach the topic from a different perspective than just straightforward.

Talk about the challenges they face.

Men and women, as they get older, especially living alone, will likely face a number of challenges in daily life. It might be difficult for them to just get going in the morning, take a shower, and prepare meals. They might feel extremely lonely if they rarely have visitors and don’t have the ability to drive themselves. They might become frustrated because going up and down the stairs to do the laundry is almost an impossible task these days.

By discussing the challenges, it makes it easier to transition or segue into the topic of support. “What would you say if I told you there’s a way to still be able to do what you want, but not have to deal with the everyday hassles of life?” This could be one simple question or way to approach the topic.

When people see things from a different perspective, when they are focused first on the struggles they face and then realized the solution is assisted living, they may take to it a bit more positively than trying to be defensive, assuming they would lose their independence, which they certainly wouldn’t with a quality community.

For more information about senior living in Hill Country Village, TX, contact Pipestone Place Assisted Living or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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