Senior Living in Hollywood Park TX

Senior Living in Hollywood Park TXYou’ve grown weary. You’re frustrated. Now you’re getting angry. Your mother has been calling on you day and night for all types of support and assistance. Because you live just down the street, it seems she takes you for granted. You have a full-time job and many other responsibilities to take care of throughout the day. You’re barely getting enough sleep at night, and all you want is to make sure she’s safe but also be able to focus on your own life.

You’ve talked about assisted living with her, but she continually refuses to even discuss the option. You’re wearing yourself out, it’s affecting your relationships, and now it’s beginning to take a toll on your personal health.

Is there anything you can do?

First, respect her decision.

Yes, it is probably frustrating and it’s causing a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety for you, but this is still her decision. The moment you start trying to force her to your will, that’s the moment a breakdown in the relationship will happen.

You might be thinking the relationship is already breaking down because of the stress she’s putting you under, but you have to respect her decision.

Second, learn about the benefits of assisted living.

Do you know very much about it? You might only have certain preconceived notions about assisted living, but not the type of activities that may take place at a facility in the area, the benefits it offers seniors from all walks of life, and some of the things that could pique your mother’s interest, if she only knew about them.

Third, ask what she thinks about it.

There’s a reason your mother is refusing to even talk about assisted living. Find out what it is (or what they are). Maybe she has preconceived notions about it. Perhaps she heard about a friend or a friend a friend who had a family member who lives in one of these facilities in the past and their experience was completely horrendous.

She may assume assisted living is nothing more than a nursing home. The two are completely different, so if you get a foundation upon which to start, you can move the conversation in a better direction.

Fourth, listen.

When you begin talking about assisted living in a calmer, more mature manner, explain the benefits, talk about the possibility of taking a tour so she can see things firsthand, and listen to what she says. She has probably given you a lot of clues as to why she refused this option in the past, but perhaps your frustration, stress, or even anger has clouded your ability to actually hear what she’s been saying.

For more information about Pipestone Place Assisted Living in San Antonio, TX or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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