Senior Living in San Antonio TX: Mom Understands the Value of Assisted Living, but Can’t Let Go of Her House

Senior Living in San Antonio TX: Mom Understands the Value of Assisted Living, but Can’t Let Go of Her House

It’s been a long time since your father passed away. You told your mother several months after the funeral that she needed to think about her long-term care prospects. She had been reliant upon your father for so many things around the house, including getting it prepared for winter, the lawn work done, fixing the steps, checking the furnace, and the list went on and on. Your mother didn’t want to think about assisted living at the time, but you’ve been persistent.

She now understands the value of assisted living.

Understanding the value of something like this is one of the first steps in convincing people to consider it for themselves. Your mother realizes she would be surrounded by other seniors her own age and who often share similar interests. She may even discover some friends she had lost touch with through the years at one of these facilities in her own community.

She just isn’t ready… Yet.

Right now, though, your mother isn’t ready to choose assisted living. She can’t let go of the house. This is the house that she shared with your father for decades. Maybe it’s the house you were raised in. Maybe it’s not. The longer people are in the same place, the more they become accustomed to the environment, gather items, and become comfortable there.

Your mother is likely comfortable and also has many memories of your father there.
Being comfortable is one thing, but constantly being surrounded by the memories one has of a loved one who is no longer around can make it extremely difficult to even consider moving.

Is there anything you can do right now?

Maybe you are the one helping her do these things your father had done for her. Maybe she’s relying on other family and friends as well. At the moment, she may be safe enough, but one of the best steps is to begin pulling items out of the nooks and crannies of this house, maybe items that have been stored away in boxes for many years, and helping her pass them on to other family and friends, sell them, and learn to let go.

When people begin to let go of items they thought were so important, even though they were in boxes for decades, it becomes easier to realize that life simply moves on and home is not necessarily the address, but where life can be taking full advantage of, even as we age.

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