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Senior Living in San Antonio TXMaking a new move in life can be stressful. When considering assisted living, some seniors shy away from the topic because they don’t want to be thrust into a new situation where they have to meet new people and make new friends. May 15th through the 21st is National New Friends, Old Friends Week and when a senior first moves into this new living environment, they have an opportunity to do just that.

A senior may know a few people who already live at the assisted living facility they will be moving into, and that can provide some level of comfort. For others, though, this could be completely new with regard to people, location, and environment.

What can happen during those first days and weeks?

During the first couple of days when a senior moves into an assisted living facility for the first time, they may have a tendency to stay within the comfort of their new room. They may be shy, withdrawn, or nervous about what to expect.

Experienced staff members will often check in on these seniors and encourage them to check out the dining facility, be aware of various activities going on, and do what they can to help the senior feel comfortable in this new living environment.

After a few days, other seniors who have been there for a while will likely begin extending offers to get out, go for a walk, or check out a certain activity or movie playing in the entertainment room with them.

Even the shyest individuals in the world will have a difficult time wanting to remain in their own room every single day, week after week, when so many other people are friendly, outgoing, and gracious.

Assisted living is a wonderful option for seniors of all ages and all physical abilities. That’s because people who live in these communities are going through many of the same challenges and that gives the new resident some other individuals with whom to relate.

Many families report that their elderly loved one, though shy, withdrawn, and not too overly thrilled about making this move ended up incredibly happy, made dozens of new friends, and seem to have a much higher quality of life as a result of this great decision they made.

New friends, old friends, and just general acquaintances, it’s all possible, wonderful, and a great way to improve quality of life for any senior.

For more information about Pipestone Place Assisted Living in San Antonio, TX or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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