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Caring for an aging loved one can be overwhelming, particularly as the level of support they need increases over time. When a senior also has a condition like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, meeting their complex needs as a family caregiver may be even more challenging.

As the disease progresses, seniors living with dementia often struggle with feelings of frustration, upset and confusion. In some cases, these difficult emotions lead to aggression or other behavioral issues. Seeing a loved one’s dementia progress in this way can be incredibly tough for families.

When family caregivers can no longer take care of a relative alone, professional caregivers offer a bright guiding light through difficult circumstances. During this month of Thanksgiving, we would like to express our gratitude to our professional caregivers at Pipestone Place and to the hundreds of professional caregivers who serve aging adults living with dementia in San Antonio.

Professional Caregivers in Memory Care

Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia have very specific care needs, and if these needs are not adequately met, their quality of life can suffer greatly. Professional caregivers who specialize in memory care dedicate themselves to providing the carefully tailored and endlessly compassionate care residents need.

Working within memory care in San Antonio requires a particular and truly exceptional type of person. The professional caregivers who support seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia work selflessly and diligently each day to offer the patience, kindness, and sensitivity seniors deserve.

Caring for seniors with dementia takes a great deal of training, skill, devotion, compassion, and attention to detail. The disease progression affects seniors differently with no one person being the same as another, and caregivers must be committed to constantly learning and adapting their approaches to meet individual needs.

This true dedication to offering thorough and personalized care makes all the difference to seniors with dementia, ultimately allowing them to enjoy the highest quality of life possible, even as their disease progresses.

Family Caregivers Matter

While taking the time to give thanks to the professional caregivers working in home health and memory care facilities in San Antonio, it’s important not to overlook the efforts of the 16 million Americans who care for a loved one with dementia at home.

November also marks National Family Caregivers Month – a month dedicated to honoring the work of the quietly devoted family caregivers who, without complaint, dedicate themselves to their loved one’s care daily.

Oftentimes, family caregivers find themselves giving up quality time with partners or children, their social life and beloved hobbies and interests in order to meet their relative’s needs. Many also suffer at work, potentially contributing to financial difficulties or pausing their desired career progression.

Family caregivers of seniors with memory care needs are typically responsible for their loved one’s care for longer periods of time, meaning these sacrifices may be felt even more acutely. Ultimately, the increasing demands that are typical of both dementia and aging in general can reduce a caregiver’s quality of life, putting them at a greater risk of issues like anxiety and depression.

In National Family Caregivers Month and beyond, it’s vital we continue to recognize the efforts and sacrifices of family caregivers, letting them know they’re truly appreciated. Adapting to the ever-changing needs of a loved one with dementia can be exhausting, and simply reassuring a family caregiver that they’re doing a great job could go a long way.

Professional Caregivers Support the Whole Family

Professional caregivers can improve quality of life for both seniors themselves and the dedicated family caregivers who love them. These skilled individuals possess a deep understanding of the struggles seniors with dementia face, as well as the impact of these issues on their caregivers and wider family.

It’s common for aging seniors to reach a point as their Alzheimer’s disease or dementia progresses when their needs are too great for family caregivers to meet. At this stage, professional caregivers specializing in memory care can reduce the burden on family caregivers, providing the expert support their loved one needs.

Alongside the valuable peace of mind this can grant family caregivers, it also allows them to take their own life off pause. Thanks to the work of professional caregivers, compassionate family caregivers who have dedicated their lives to their loved one’s care are able to prioritize their own health and wellbeing once again.

Thank a Caregiver Today

Is your loved one supported by a professional caregiver who truly goes above and beyond? Or perhaps you know or love someone who takes care of a parent or relative with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia?

If there’s a professional or family caregiver in your life, now is the perfect time to show them you care. Whether it’s with a bunch of flowers, a call of appreciation to their employer or a simple thank you note or card, let them know their hard work and kindness is noticed.

If you’re a family or professional caregiver yourself, commit to showing yourself the gratitude you deserve by doing something for you. As a caregiver, it’s easy to neglect your own needs, but it’s vital to take care of your mind and body, too.

It could be something as simple as taking a relaxing bath or arranging coffee with a friend, or something more major, like considering residential memory care if your loved one’s needs are becoming too great for you to cope with alone.

Once again, we’d like to thank each, and every wonderful family and professional caregiver committed to enriching the lives of our beloved aging friends and family members. With your dedication, compassion and grace, the world truly is a kinder place for the seniors of today.

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