Pipestone Place Assisted Living NewsAs many seniors age, they develop new sleeping habits and may find they aren’t getting enough rest or they may find their sleeping regiment problematic, often taking away from wake hours. The elderly may also find that they wake up several times in one night – a most bothersome issue. Insomnia is a growing problem for seniors and requires much attention in order for a healthy lifestyle, which is quite difficult to obtain. Nonetheless, seniors need full relaxation during their golden years and many assisted living facilities, especially calm, contented buildings, can assure your loved one of healthy slumber and a lifestyle where supposed sleep hours aren’t spent on extraneous activities.

What are the basic sleep requirements for seniors?

Most seniors should sleep for about seven to ten hours each night, but it all depends on their nature and their physical activity. Much of the elderly population suffers from insomnia because they do not require as much sleep as they did when they were younger, but believe this sleeplessness is simply and only caused by old age. Much to the contrary, this may be due to restrained movement and in some cases, declining nutrition intake. Your loved one should have a trouble-free, calming, and refreshing rest before waking up, without waking up drowsy or fatigued.

How can assisted living centers help seniors get a full rest?

Most facilities will provide a personal bedroom to each of their residents or a nearby bathroom, minimizing distractions during slumber and promoting a safe, sound sleep.  Staff is always present and ready to help with restroom needs. Cleanliness is also common, giving refreshed feeling to the surroundings. Desires such as hunger, exercise, and personal necessities will often be taken care of ahead of sleep time by staff members. In addition, a routine schedule is often set at each assisted living facility, ensuring that all the day’s important activities take action around the same period every 24 hours, providing serenity.

Not only is a good, quiet environment important, but most assisted living facilities should also provide interesting and energetic activities for their seniors during the day, such as coloring, sewing or knitting, painting, reading, and many other occupations depending on their ability. Encouraging movement will ultimately give your loved one a better night’s sleep, also ensuring even more energy the next day.. Another important aspect of receiving trouble-free rest is exposure to sunlight, which helps the human body absorb vitamin D and sleep efficiently, often guaranteed at every assisted living center.  Most facilities have a courtyard to be enjoyed or large open windows to gaze the lovely days.

In addition, meals provided by assisted living centers are entirely situated to support health and good sleeping habits, in most cases. The meal schedule, for example, is usually situated so that the seniors at a facility don’t eat large meals just before nightfall, causing waking up many times during rest, yet eat large breakfasts to improve stamina. The proper nutrition is given as well, not only to improve sleeping habits but also overall well-being. When a balanced amount of sustenance is consumed, the entire body is affected by sharper alertness and movement.

Short Term Memory Loss and Dementia.

Often when a family member has Short Term Memory Loss or Dementia, sleeping patters such as day and night can become turned upside down.  One way facilities help cope with this is allowing natural daylight in the rooms by having blinds open.   Throughout the facility, good strong lighting is utilized in order to promote safety and a sense of day.  At night, the blinds are closed, rooms are dimmed and a sense of night commences.

Whatever your loved ones sleeping patterns may be, Assisted Living is an environment where care is provided with compassion and knowledge.

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