It’s no secret that as our loved ones age, their mental sharpness begins to decline. But sometimes, this little slip can get a bit scary for both those who are still trying to remain somewhat active and young at heart and their families. You may start to worry about what you can do to help maintain your loved one’s mental sharpness and acuity, which is totally normal.

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We understand memory care can be a difficult topic, but there are some simple things that you can do help your loved one stay mentally sharp and active this fall. At Pipestone Place, we take a caring and holistic approach to mental cognition and have developed activities, strategies, and care plans to help with your loved one’s mental acuity as the beautiful, crisp fall weather blows our way.

Get Outside and Enjoy the Fresh Air

While most of our residents aren’t physically able to take a brisk morning walk, there’s a lot to be said about all the perks getting some fresh air can bring to the table regarding your loved one’s physical health. However, very few people talk about what these relaxing little adventures actually do for mental health. Going outside for short periods of time can help clear and refresh your mind. Fresh air reduces stress, brings clarity, and encourages the mind and body to harmonize which is a beautiful thing!

Even just a short sit under the autumn leaves is a great way to provide our residents with dementia some scenic outdoor time. If your loved one is in a wheelchair, they can be pushed for shorter walks along our beautiful pathways to simply take in the sights. Even residents in the later stages of memory loss are still able to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Stimulate with Brain Teasers & Puzzles

Brain teasers are a great way to keep your loved one’s brain active and occupied, and luckily, at Pipestone Place, we offer plenty of options. Games like Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and word searches may seem like stimulating options to simply pass the time, but they can actually help train the brain to stay fit. We encourage our residents to engage in stimulating activities like puzzles, coloring, or basic tactile activities each day to help maintain their mental acuity.

For some residents, coloring and tracing activities can help to stimulate their brains and keep them engaged. Our assisted living community in San Antonio which provides memory care support, also offers daily arts and crafts activities which can also help them practice following directions and make something new while remaining creative.

Lose Yourself in Conversation

Some say conversation is the best medicine! As we age, many of us start to become more reclusive, and our conversations become less frequent. When we’re younger, we’re constantly engaged, on-the-go, and talking to people at work, in stores, at school, and in our neighborhoods. But as we grow older, we inevitably lose contact with friends, don’t venture out as much, and don’t engage in conversation on a regular basis. So, one of the best activities your loved one can do to stay mentally active is to simply talk! Whether they make a new friend or strike up a conversation with one of our friendly caregivers, it can help keep their minds active and forms new connections.

Thankfully, talking is simple and free! This is a healthful memory care activity that can be done almost anywhere. So, your loved one can pick a friend or loved one and start chatting. At Pipestone Place, our amazing caregivers continually initiate conversations with our residents about everything from the weather and food to general topics that encourage longer responses. We count ourselves lucky, as we learn as much from our residents as they learn from us!

Engage in Life-Long Learning

You’re never too young or too old to learn! Want your loved one to stay mentally sharp this fall (and in the future)? Then encourage them to never stop learning. This doesn’t mean that they have to pick up a language or science tomorrow. It’s simply important for your loved one to take baby steps, stay engaged, and keep their mind active. Learning a new skill or developing a new hobby exercises the brain and encourages it to form connections that can help to prevent any further (or future) memory loss.

At Pipestone Place in San Antonio, we know that staying cognitively engaged is vital in our residents’ daily life activities. From programs that promote physical activity to mental acuity, we are dedicated to a holistic approach to care. Our goal is to stay focused on maintaining active minds and participating in daily activities to ensure our residents receive the quality care they need and deserve.

When your loved one’s memory starts to fade, the unknown can be scary. But fortunately, with support, there are daily activities that can prove effective and help with mental acuity. At Pipestone Place, we’re here to help – because we understand that your loved one’s quality of life and happiness matter most! When your parents or grandparents need help with activities of daily life, it can prove difficult. However, someone facing severe or late stage memory loss or dementia still has a lot of life to live, so staying mentally active can help them continue living their best life!

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