Assisted Living in San Antonio, TX – One Senior Discovers an Often Overlooked Consideration When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Alice had always been a fiercely independent woman. Even when she got married in her early 20s, she made it clear to her husband that she wanted to remain active, take care of herself and her family, and even pursue a career. Today this may seem much more commonplace, but Alice grew up in the aftermath of the Great Depression.

Now in her late 80s Alice is considering assisted living. She still drives and can tend to her own basic care for the most part, but she needs to take certain things into consideration.

Not all assisted living facilities provide parking for residents.

Parking may be limited at the facility. There may only be enough parking for staff members and visitors, and if that’s the case, for somebody like Alice it may be a problem.

Alice isn’t ready to give up her car or her right to drive just yet. She has never been involved in an accident and has had no close calls in recent memory. She is cogent and alert and handles traffic well enough.

She began looking at one facility that was only a few miles away from her house. It was one where her best friend had moved to the previous year. Her friend couldn’t talk highly enough about the staff members or the activities she was enjoying. Alice had visited her friend on numerous occasions throughout the year and would love to have been able to move in.

However, this facility did not provide parking spaces for their residents.

Alice looked at a couple of other facilities in the area and two of them also did not provide parking for residents, but two others did. She visited these latter facilities, went on a tour, and sat down with the administration staff there to learn more about it. She didn’t know anybody who lived there and when she returned home she kept thinking about the one her friend was that.

The next morning Alice drove back over to her friend’s community and sat down with one of the administrators at the facility. She was trying to see if there was any provision that could be made, some exception, that would allow her to continue driving and have her car at the facility. Because of their insurance and other policies, they couldn’t accommodate her. However, they told Alice about the numerous transportation services they provided for their residents.

Alice eventually decided to give up her car and move in next door to her best friend. She was glad she made this decision and, in the long-term scheme of things, she didn’t really miss driving all that much, not nearly as much as expected.

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