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The past year was a true test for so many across the country and in particular seniors and their families who faced the difficult challenge of not being able to physically see one another. As we move forward in this new year, we’d like to encourage family members and friends to remember their importance in the lives of their loved ones.

Family Is Important

Family is especially important as we age. Our aging loved ones often see their children and grandchildren as their greatest successes. While they are living in an assisted living or memory care facility, it can be harder for families to stay in touch. However, it is essential that family members make every effort to remain connected with their loved ones as much as possible and to let them know they care.

For many of us, it can be a challenge to balance everything, but we all need to remember that family is not only important, it is arguably the most important part of a senior’s life. Remaining connected can be difficult right now, but it is still particularly important to do so. Even if you cannot physically enter your loved one’s senior living community, you can still be a part of their lives virtually and from a distance. Many platforms allow family members to talk to loved ones, in addition to calling them on the phone, writing letters, sending pictures, and communicating with the staff so that you can stay present and connected.

Friends Are Important

Other than family, friends are the most important people in a senior’s life. For those who live in a residential retirement community in San Antonio providing assisted living and memory care support, they can make new friends with the residents living in the home. Caregivers help to foster friendships through activities, programs, and dining experiences. These new friendships help to support the quality of life of your loved one in a memory care community.

Old friends are also just as important. It’s important to ensure your aging loved one has access to the friends they’ve known, familiar faces and voices too, whether they just talk to them on the phone or are able to visit. Once again, it can be difficult to do this with everything going on. If your loved one is living in a retirement community in San Antonio and so is their friend, perhaps not the same one, you may want to take it upon yourself to ensure that they get to connect with their old friends by arranging calls or virtual visits.

Friends can come from different age groups as well. So, whether young or old, give your loved one the gift of friendship that they so desperately need and cherish!

Care Staff Is Important

At Pipestone Place Assisted Living, our residents aren’t just residents to us – they’re family. When you take care of residents each day as we do, you immediately form a lasting connection with them. When a caregiver is helping your loved one every day, they become part of their daily routine and their care. Caregivers see our residents every day and they get to know them, know about them and speak with their families. A good care staff will know about the important aspects of a resident’s life and ask questions about them – they will talk about themselves as well. It really does begin to feel like a friendship, especially in times like these when many seniors are unable to see their family and friends as readily.

During these times, care staff has become more important than ever, and not just because they are the only people residents see in many cases. They must care enough about the residents to be extremely diligent and careful in their daily lives as well as promoting best practices for resident safety and security. If you are considering an assisted living memory care community for your loved one, make sure to speak with caregivers and ask about their view of treating residents with care like their own families. Ask questions to learn how they form connections and foster resident wellness, mental health, and happiness.

Looking for a Quality Assisted Living Memory Care Community?

If you are looking to find an assisted living community providing memory care support for your loved one, you need to know who the people are who will be around them daily and caring for their every need. At Pipestone Place Assisted Living our caregivers work passionately to provide safe, loving, and stimulating environments for our residents who can no longer live independently, but still deserve to live life to its fullest filled with dignity and respect. We provide our residents with stable caregiver relationships, stimulating activities, delicious as well as nutritious home cooked meals, and professionally trained caregivers to ensure residents are happy and in good health. At Pipestone Place Assisted Living, we care about our family and the ones who mean the most to you!

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