The Importance of Regular TrainingThe importance of continual caregivers training is essential in order to provide top quality care for our residents and family loved ones. Last week our staff received ongoing training by South Texas Alternative Choice Nurse Delegation Services. They are Licensed Nurse specialized in Delegating and Training staff to be up to date with the best practices of various care types.

There are a variety of skills that we have our staff train on. Training ranges from the Proper protocol for a Medication Tech which passes medication, operations procedures for oxygen administration, breathing treatment via nebulizer, eye drops procedures, conditions on which to notify Manager and many more. When purposely and structurally training our C.N.A’s (certified Nurses aids), Medication Tech and all other Direct Care staff we can ensure that the residents are getting the best care.

South Texas Alternative Choice Nurse Delegation Services trains staff but they also do a competency evaluation to insure that the staff can demonstrate comprehension of all trained tasks. Actual hands on training and evaluations allow us to determine when a team member is 100% ready to perform duties. Recently one of the Nurse Delegated tasks was medication administration. The care team learned and reviewed m0edication administration via the 5 rights process. Right client, right medication, right dose, right time, right route, with desired results.

The 5 Steps in Medication Administration

Step 1: Evaluate the resident
Step 2: Set up the medication
Step 3: Administer the medication
Step 4: Document the medication administration
Step 5: Observe resident for side effects
Side effect could be: Abdominal pain, itching, anxiety, changes in eating or sleeping patterns, chills, fever, or any unusual complaints or changes.

Report any side effect so to Manager, Doctor, Registered Nurse Delegate, Home Health, Hospice and Family.
This was a summary or outline of a Comprehensive Training Course for Medication Administration/Management.

Regular Training and evaluation is one of the most important programs designed to give our residents excellent care. The difference between good staff and not so good staff is the amount of knowledge and skill and experience one has. By taking training serious, our residents benefit and our families have peace of mind.

By repeating these training courses over and over, our care team know exactly how to Manage Medications safely and what possible side effects to look for and who to inform.
The Medication Management Tasks then becomes second nature for the care team and that is how you get excellent care. The goal is to give the residents the proper medications as ordered by the physician. There are so many common errors that happen with medications when the people handling them don’t follow proper procedures. Some common medication errors are giving the right medication and the wrong time, not knowing when to hold a medication, not knowing when a resident is having an adverse side effect, not knowing why the resident is taking the medication and much more. Training is key.
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