Assisted Living in Terrell Hills, TXMichael knew that his mother was having trouble coping after his father passed away. He did what he could to help out around her house, but there was only so much that he could do. He kept telling her that the house was too big for her, that she couldn’t keep it up anymore; she struggled to clean it now. He wanted her to move into an assisted living community, but she hemmed and hawed about the idea.

Now he noticed that her health was beginning to decline, as was her strength. She would call him to come over in the morning before work to open a jar of something or a can of soup. In the evening she was calling him because she couldn’t get the back door closed and locked properly.

In short, Michael was spending more and more time trying to help his mother with basic things and less and less time tending to his own home, wife, and family. It was becoming a problem and he had begun looking into an assisted living facility in the area.

Still, she didn’t want to move, so Michael devised a plan to help convince her that it was time to make a move.

1. First, he learned everything he could about this assisted living facility. He visited the facility a couple of times, spoke to staff members, and even met a few of the residents. It provided him with a lot of insight into what it’s like to live there. He honestly believed that his mother would be happy in this place.

2. Next, he began to talk about some of the activities that the assisted living facility offered their residents. He didn’t mention the community, but just the activities in order to spark her interest. It worked because she would note that she missed doing so many of the things that he talked about.

3. Finally, he highlighted the upcoming maintenance issues with her house. There was a long list of things that would need to be done around the house that his father wasn’t able to do in his final years. The longer the list became, the more his mother began to realize that she was never going to be able to keep up with them.

By highlighting the benefits of assisted living and then focusing on the challenges of living in a large home alone, he was able to convince his mother to at least visit the assisted living facility with him, which helped her see that it wasn’t anything like what she had thought and that she would, in fact, be comfortable living there.

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