bigstock A depressed elderly widow sitt 64804489 4Through the process of learning information, especially about assisted living, one option you should always take if given the chance is to go on a tour of a particular facility. You may be inclined to go with your elderly mother or father, for example, on multiple tours and see the various options available through numerous facilities in the region. That’s fine, too.

A tour provides an opportunity to see that facility firsthand.

Keep in mind that most tours take place at designated times. You can’t just assume you’ll be able to go on a tour in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon, for example. The residents of that facility have the right to their privacy and that is one of the reasons why tours are only conducted at specific times, often on the weekends.

It has nothing to do with putting a façade up.

That is common thinking for some people. The pessimistic mind may assume that an assisted living facility is only providing a tour opportunity at a set time because that’s when they have the most staff, have just cleaned the facility so it’s spotless, and all of those ‘residents’ are on their ‘best behavior.’

The truth is that these tours can somewhat seem invasive to the residents. After all, imagine a swarm of people coming into your residence at just about any time of the week, strolling the grounds, walking past your bedroom, and discussing things among themselves. It can be somewhat uncomfortable for some residents, but these tours are valuable tools and resources that allow seniors and their family members to understand what is offered and why this would be a great option for them in their Golden Years. While you can learn a lot on a tour, keep some things in mind to observe and for questions to ask.

Check out the types of rooms.

Some rooms will be singles and others will be shared. Look at the size of the space. What do the bathrooms look like? Do they have grab bars and other safety mechanisms for seniors of all ages and physical capabilities? What are the windows like? Can they be opened and closed easily?

Ask about the supportiveness of the staff.

Will staff assist an aging resident if they need help once in a while? For example, if a resident wants to open the window, but is having trouble physically, can they call staff for help in that situation?

What about the dining facility?

You’ll likely see it, but ask about the menu, the cook, nutrition, and other factors. The more questions you come prepared to ask, the more you’ll learn. The more you learn, the more likely you’ll realize assisted living is a great senior care option.

For more information about care homes in Terrell Hills, TX, contact Pipestone Place Assisted Living or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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