bigstock Meeting Of Support Group 46461043For several years, Tina was taking care of her elderly mother. She felt a responsibility to look after her, especially for all the support and love both of her parents offered her throughout her life. How could she possibly turn her back and not help? Yet, she had a career, was still raising teenagers and putting one through college, and was basically burning out.

The topic of assisted living was actually easy for her to bring up with her mother. And her mother was responsive to it. She could see the stress Tina was under and felt bad, but at the time didn’t know of any other option.

Once the decision was made, it seemed fine.

Tina felt a great deal of relief when her mother agreed that assisted living was both affordable and a great option for her to consider. It seemed as though a great weight was lifted off her shoulders and the time they did spend together became more positive.

As the move in date approached, Tina felt conflicted. She knew her mother was okay with the decision, but she felt guilty. She knew her mother was looking forward to it, but she couldn’t shake the nagging feeling she had let her mom down.

She finally reached out to others who had gone through the same transition.

There are thousands upon thousands of families out there who have a loved one in assisted living. Some may not have gone through the same struggle to make this kind of decision as Tina and her mother, but some have.

There are going to be numerous men and women who supported an aging parent or grandparent, spouse, or other loved one for a while — possibly for years — before they finally decided assisted living was the better option.

They all had to deal with the impact of transitioning to this new life. When Tina reached out and connected with other family members who had gone through the same thing, it offered encouragement.

She realized she wasn’t alone, either in her experiences or thoughts or feelings. There was also a good deal of positive advice offered that helped her regain some of the footing she had lost over the past few years supporting her mother.

She got invested in hobbies she had given up, reconnected with friends she hadn’t seen in quite some time, and visited her mother a few times a month.

If you have questions about assisted living, worry about how this transition is going to affect you or the senior, reach out to other families who have gone through it. Thanks to the Internet, there are support groups for just about everything and everyone.

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