When Can YOU Know It’s Time to Discuss Assisted Living with Family?

Senior Housing in Terrell Hills TX: No matter your age, if you are slowing down physically, have challenges, or other health issues, you may worry about your safety at home.

Healthy Aging for Seniors at an Assisted Living Facility Is Not Only Possible, but Wonderful

Senior Housing in Terrell Hills TX: For those individuals who may not have any direct experience with assisted living, have never needed to visit a family member or friend at one of these facilities, they might not think much about it.

How Can You Help Mom Downsize to Prepare for a Move to Assisted Living?

Senior Housing in Terrell Hills TX: Planning for a move is one of the most stressful things in life. If your mother has been living in the same house for a long time, choosing assisted living might be difficult.

Is Hospice Care Possible at Assisted Living?

Hospice care is often thought of as being for terminally ill patients who are in the final days or weeks of their life. Many people envision hospice care as being devoted to those who are bedridden, barely conscious, and unable to move very much.

Getting Your Mom to Consider Assisted Living by Taking a Tour of the Facility

Senior Housing in Terrell Hills TX Since your dad passed away two years ago, you have watched your mom decline socially. Her health is in relatively good condition but you fear that the isolation she now succumbs to is going to have a negative impact, not just socially, but physically and mentally as well. Your […]