When Should a Senior with Dementia Consider Assisted Living?

Assisted Living in Shavano Park TX: Dementia can affect almost any person, from any walk of life. Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia and when somebody has been diagnosed with it, memory loss is one of the most significant signs and symptoms of the disease.

Four Ways Assisted Living Is a Benefit for Seniors

Assisted Living in Terrell Hills TX: John was trying to help his aging mother figure out the best option for her moving forward. John discussed a variety of senior care options, but the one that he kept coming back to time and time again was assisted living.

Seniors Can Still Choose Assisted Living After Being Adamantly Opposed for Years

Senior Housing in Hill Country Village TX: Just because a loved one may have been against the idea of assisted living for a long time doesn’t mean that’s always going to be the case.

How to Get Dad to Listen to You About Assisted Living

Senior Housing in Shavano Park TX: You’ve been trying to get your elderly father to listen to you about assisted living, but nothing seems to be getting through. Here are a few things to consider.

Why Seniors Are Happier at Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Alamo Heights TX: It may seem quite presumptuous to state that seniors are happier at assisted living, but many times the men and women in these communities are often quite surprised by the quality of life they enjoy, the friends they make, and how they feel after just a few weeks.

4 Questions Seniors Often Have about Assisted Living (and How You Can Answer Them)

Personal Care Homes in Hollywood Park, TX Questions are a good thing. No matter what you have going on in life, it’s important to be able to ask questions and have them answered. If you have an elderly loved one, such as your aging mother or father, who may be interested in learning more about […]

Getting Proper Nutrition at Assisted Living is Easier than 1, 2, 3

Assisted Living in San Antonio, TX When Reggie was moving into an assisted living facility for the first time, he wasn’t quite sure what to expect, especially when it came to mealtime. He didn’t have any friends who were living in this particular facility, but when he visited with his family, he really felt comfortable […]

3 Signs Mom Just Might be Considering Assisted Living

Assisted Living in San Antonio, TX Maybe you had been trying to convince your aging mother that it was time to look into assisted living, but for the longest time she resisted. She might have been content to remain within the comfort of her home for nostalgic reasons, because that’s where she spent the majority […]

4 Healthy Living Tips for Mom when She Moves to Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Alamo Heights, TX Your mother is moving into an assisted living community and while that provides you a great deal of comfort, you also want to ensure that she remains safe. June is National Safety Month and below are four tips that can help your mother remain safe no matter where she […]

Do Assisted Living Communities Allow Residents to Garden?

Assisted Living in Hill Country Village, TX Not every assisted living facility is going to be able to accommodate the gardening desires and wishes of their residents. That doesn’t mean there are no assisted living facilities throughout the region or the country that allow seniors to garden. Depending on the location, and depending on the […]